Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

21 Aug

Actually, let’s not because unlike The Sound of Music, that would be boring for us all.  I’ll summarize the weeks leading up to move in:  moved out, sweated our faces off, moved into a friends 8ft x 8ft  basement room for 2 weeks, went on vacation for a week, came back, packed up, sweated our faces off, moved in, slept on an air mattress in the living room because the floors had just been stained upstairs, inhaled fumes for 16 hours, moved upstairs, and now here we are.

I spent the first week in our house like most people do in a new house – scouting places for a chalkboard wall and leaving the broiler on for hours.

Todd it smells like burning plastic in here.

It’s probably your hair iron.

My straightener?  No.  Crap it’s coming from the kitchen we have a gas leak and we’re going to die slowly from asphyxiation.

Then I went even more completely off the wall cah-razy and thought we needed furniture for every single room in the house RIGHT this second.  I spent hours on the internet looking at Ikea, Overstock, Pottery Barn (sigh), Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, your mom’s house, etc.  Meanwhile Todd is sitting on the couch (which we thankfully stole from his Dad during a recent move) calmly setting up the TV, putting together the bed and playing with drill bits and things.  We decided that prioritizing was in order lest I shut this whole operation down with my inability to chill out.

The bedrooms were good to go for now, so first up – the living room since that’s where we were probably spending the most time.  We had: the couch and TV.  No diggity, no doubt.  We needed: everything else.  I should really call these pictures the middles not the afters since there is still work to be done on the house and we haven’t bought a ton of furniture.

Living Room

All of the original hardwood floors were replaced on the first floor, which is why they look so shiny and pretty.  I wasn’t expecting them to replace the floors, but I guess they were in such bad shape that they had to.   (When I say “they”  I mean the homeowner and his crew.)  The walls and ceiling were painted and crown molding was installed.  They also put in new baseboards throughout this room – which flows right into the dining room.  Paint colors are Behr’s Honeysuckle White for the walls and ceiling and a standard clean bright white for the crown molding and baseboards.  Sidenote: choosing the right color of off-white for these walls was ridiculous.  I stared at paint swatches in Lowes with a look of terror.

The coffee table was a craigslist score and came with two matching end tables.  They are dated but in good shape and I plan on either staining them much much darker or painting them white – which Stef says will look like a 1990’s beachhouse.  Fear not, Stef.  Although…is that really such a bad idea?

This reminds me that Tori Spelling is better than Megan Fox any day

Back to the real footage…

The "Media Center" AKA TV and Playsation

The media center is actually a bookshelf from Ikea turned on it’s side.  I was skeptical at first but I really like the way it turned out.  The white boxes and magazine holders are also from Ikea.   Cute, cheap, functional.  Winner Winner.

The brick walls on one side were exposed and a couple coats of sealer covers them.  This protects the original brick and ensures our house won’t crumble.

Stained Glass Window on the Front of the House

This window is one of my most favorite things about the house.  I love this window and the matching one above the door.  The window above the door with our address in it is called  a transom and is one of the historic marks of a Baltimore rowhouse.  Love.  I know.  Nerd alert.  Also Todd installed some white faux wood blinds that we had to have custom cut (twice!) from Home Depot.  This is an odd sized window since it starts just above the floor and is extra wide.  It lets in a ton of light and allows me to peer at our neighbors.

That’s about it for the living room for now!  Come back later this weekend for some exciting kitchen talk.


4 Responses to “Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…”

  1. Mom August 21, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    It is great! What a great read! Laughing and enjoying the pics. Post more. Write more.

  2. Mom August 21, 2010 at 4:02 pm #

    It is great! What a terrific read! Laughing and enjoying the pics. Post more. Write more. Love, Mom
    P.S. Todd, Take care of this wild women lest she burn up/down the house!

  3. Todd S August 21, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    Hello Backyard. Going to watch the Ravens game on Canton Square tonight. Preseason game but it’s great seeing the team progress.

  4. Leslie August 21, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Thanks Mom!
    Todd – See you there.

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